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Animal Identification Products and Services

Gardenvet in partnership with MS Schippers of the Netherlands provides animal identification products and services.

Animal Identification Products:

  • Injectable microchips for dogs, cats, other companionanimals and laboratory animals. The microchips are sterile and compatible with all universal readers.

  • Indelible tamper proof ear tags: The ear tags are high quality laser printed tags with very high retention rates once applied. They comprise a male and female pair that are both printed so that they are easy to read from the back and front. The tags can be plain, general numbering or numbered according to Kenya code (KE), County code and a unique individual animal identification number. The country code, county code and individual animal numbering is highly encouraged.

  • Combo visual/e-tags (electronic ear tags). These are a female microchip ear tag piece with a male indelible printed piece. It combines the benefits of visual identification and electronic identification using radio frequency identification device (RFID) microchip technology. The microchip contains a unique tamperproof identification number that is only read using a laser reader

  • Ear tag applicator : These are durable universal eartag applicators.

  • Microchip readers: These are universal hand held readers, fixed readers and GSM compatible readers. They have various capabilities

  • Livetock Identification and Tracing System (LITS) design, development and implementation. We offer consultancy services in designing, developing and implementing LITS for individuals and organizations
  • LITS Data Management Systems: We design, develop, implement, host and maintenin LITS data management systems for individual and organizations. We also train LITS customers on use and management of their LITS programmes.