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Pet Services

For those customers who may not have time to groom their pets, we offer this service at good rates. In any case, some pets do need professional grooming just like we need saloon and barber services.
Care Services
Some of our pet care services include:
  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Weight Management
  3. Behavior
  4. Oral and dental exam
  5. Ophthalmic exams
  6. Hair and coat care
  7. Control of ectoparasites
  8. Control of endoparasites
  9. Heartworm prevention
  10. Vaccinations
  11. Radiographs
  12. Ultrasound
  13. Pre-Anaesthetic screening-advise on geriatric anaesthesia
  14. Blood pressure monitoring
  15. Rheumatoid factor testing
  16. Pet loss, euthanasia and grief management