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The Vets’ Resource Information Service is only accessible at no cost by veterinary doctors, veterinary paraprofessionals and Final Year Veterinary Students duly registered in Kenya. To use the service, you must register and then use your user name and password to log in after the service administrator verifies your information and activates your account.

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What is Vets’ Resource?

Vets’ Resource (VR) is a privileged animal health products information service developed and provided online by Garden Veterinary Services Ltd (Gardenvet). Our aim is to authoritatively inform animal health service providers of all the animal health products available on the Kenyan market, the composition of the products, uses of the products, manufacturers or dealers of the products and the contacts of the manufacturers and dealers. We also aim to provide manufacturers and dealers with a unique platform to advertize their prescription only (ethical) products to the veterinary doctors, veterinary paraprofessionals and final year students of veterinary medicine. VR is the only comprehensive virtual meeting place for veterinary pharmaceutical suppliers and the professional users of the products in Kenya.

Gardenvet’s 21 years of experience in animal health service delivery will ensure that animal health professionals and animal health products suppliers will build a mutually beneficial business relationship fueled by our VR information service.

We welcome all veterinary doctors, veterinary paraprofessionals, fifth year veterinary students, and animal health products suppliers to take advantage of Vets’ Resource.

Vets’ Resources Scope

Vets’ Resource (VR) shall work diligently to provide veterinary doctors, veterinary paraprofessionals and fifth year veterinary students with information on all prescription only pharmaceutical products, veterinary equipment and instruments and pharmaceutical products used off label in veterinary practice in Kenya. Ordinarily, animal health service providers and veterinary students have to spend a lot of time searching for the commercial products and formulary on the market despite them knowing the active ingredients of the drug of their interest. Sometimes no favourable results are attained despite making many calls or visits to pharmacies and agrovets. VR simplifies life for the vets, paravets and fifth year students by providing the information at the click of a button. Vet students shall now graduate knowing the available commercial products for the various categories of drugs they learned in pharmacology.

On the other hand, product manufacturers and suppliers spend lots of time and money trying to get vets and paravets in one place to detail them on their products. VR simplifies life for the manufacturers and suppliers to meet animal health service providers on line and detail them on their products 24/7 at minimal cost.


We welcome you to register into VR and walk the journey with us to profile all commercial vet pharmaceutical products and equipment on the Kenyan market.